Social Housing
Most of the social housing building stock across the country was built in the 1950s, 1960s & 1970s, and are in dire need of building renewal & controls retrofits. On-going building deterioration, escalating operational, capital and utility costs are causing headaches for building owners and tenants alike.

SensorSuiteā€™s approach is in leveraging the monetization potential of operating cost savings from improved energy and water efficiency through IoT control strategies. By applying a utility efficiency lens to asset management decisions (that have traditionally been planned on the basis of end-of-life replacement) the project capitalizes the net present value of projected future energy and water savings to fund as much immediate capital improvement as possible. This strategy enables the offsetting of high-return upgrades of energy and water consuming systems against lesser ones to optimize short and long-term energy and water related renewal. When successfully implemented our system minimizes the environmental impacts of wasteful energy consumption while improving resident comfort and indoor-air quality.
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