SensorSuite Launches SmarDER – A Demand Response Enabled, Intelligent Thermostat
December 12, 2022 in In The News

November 2022 – After the success of their pilot program, SensorSuite has announced that their new SmarDER thermostat is ready for commercial application. This intelligent thermostat centralizes the control of buildings’ HVAC systems delivering increased performance and increased Demand Response capacity. 


SensorSuite’s innovative energy management software enables multi-unit residential buildings to drive significant energy efficiency gains. The platform’s digital dashboard also provides building management professionals with the ability to monitor and control utility consumption in real-time on their phones or computers. Moreover, it delivers on three of the most common objectives of today’s building managers – greenhouse gas reductions, energy cost savings and improved tenant comfort. 

SensorSuite Dashboard

How the SmarDER Stat Integrates 

The SensorSuite dashboard currently shows the temperature in each suite equipped with a sensor, this allows the data to be readily accessible through the dashboard. With SmarDER thermostats installed building managers also unlock the ability to control and program the thermostats through their dashboard. It also provides SensorSuite’s demand response algorithms with more specific information, eliminating the need for multiple sensors and reducing temperature swings with more precision. This will not only result in improved tenant comfort but also more energy savings. In essence, SmarDER combines the power of smart thermostat controls with demand response software to produce even greater results: more comfortable tenants, more energy savings and reduced greenhouse gas emissions!

Unlike other top-of-the-line intelligent thermostats, the SmarDER stat will run on its own proprietary 900Mhz mesh network. Meaning it will not rely on the quality of each tenant’s personal wifi and won’t disconnect if the wifi is unsteady. This increases the accuracy of the data being fed to SensorSuite’s software and, again, adds to the energy-saving potential of the building. 

SmarDER Stat Features: 

  • 10+ year lifespan
  • Remote Scheduling
  • Own proprietary network
  • Building Automation System (BAS) integrated 
  • Ability to communicate with utilities for demand response

Take your building’s demand response to the next level with the SmarDER thermostat by SensorSuite. Reach out to our team today at