SuiteHeat 2.0 at Oxford Street, London
March 19, 2021 in Case Studies

With SensorSuite’s SuiteHeat solution, existing electric baseboard heaters can be retrofitted to allow
monitoring and control at your fingertips through Apple, Android, and Windows devices.

SensorSuite’s SuiteHeat control device utilizes relays for each heating circuit to control heating consumption and demand. The SuiteHeat device also has an integrated CT to monitor consumption and heating duration. Suites are then controlled by a pre-set temperature building wide or specific temperature for each individual suite set through the powerful dashboard. Moreover, demand management can be performed intelligently by enabling electrical loads to communicate and coordinate with one another. Now with SuiteHeat 2.0, a powerful new feature called REM (Responsive Energy Management) has been introduced to yield further energy savings. This new intelligent feature makes instantaneous adjustments as weather patterns fluctuate. REM will not only accept in-suite temperature as a control variable, but also analyses outdoor weather, indoor building temperature, runtimes, and other data points to automate and optimize the building. Based on the results at this electrically heated building, REM has proven to optimize energy savings during the shoulder periods with savings up to 70%+ reduction on heating load.

The Challenges

At this 108 suite building, the primary source of space heating consists of electric baseboard heaters. The
temperature set point and runtimes are adjusted through the wall thermostat within the suite. As a result, the property manager has no control of the coincidental peak demand (kW) or consumption (kWh). Tenants do not pay the utility costs as property management pays this expense. As a result, energy conservation may not be taken into consideration by the tenants.

Project at a glance


Oxford Street, London, Ontario

Building Description

Apartment building
108 units
11 storeys

Previous Conditions

Electric baseboard heaters

Project Cost

$73,369 (+HST)

Net Cost


Savings Period

Mar 2019 – Feb 2020

Costs Savings


Projected Payback

3.38 years

SuiteHeat 2.0 Results

SuiteHeat began control on March 2, 2019 and reduced consumption by 145,121 kWh within the first year ending on February 28, 2020, resulting in a 30% heating reduction.