Rooftop Units
March 19, 2021 in Case Studies

An independent Energy management firm was tasked with achieving energy savings for their client, a large national furniture retailer. The goals of this project included:

  • Determine if there are alternate control systems that provide similar or better value to the client’s existing control system.
  • Determine if HVAC maintenance savings can be realized by gathering data on the performance of the units and the corresponding HVAC maintenance service activities at the site.
  • Provide a software platform where additional data can be collected to validate additional energy savings through a cloud based platform.
  • Solutions that may realize benefits for the client (such as de-stratification of fans, demand control ventilation , remote access to control system, etc.).
  • Full control of the lighting and thermostats – including remote schedule of setting/adjustments and in store control of space temperatures.


SensorSuite was chosen as the control system of choice. SensorSuite’s system was installed in late December 2018 and had been in operation for a full year in 2019. A full year of energy monitoring was engaged by the energy management consultant to prove the energy savings that were projected for this project along with identifying maintenance service issues.


SensorSuite began control of 9 Roof Top Units on Jan 1, 2019 and reduced 39,729 kWh within the first year ending on Jan 13, 2020.

Based on the “Predicted kWh” compared to “Actual kWh”, it resulted in a 42% reduction in electricity consumption and a 9% reduction in natural gas usage for the RTUs. After the first year of RTU control, an overall savings of 30% was achieved which resulted in cost savings of $7,691. A number of maintenance service issues were also identified through SensorSuite’s energy management dashboard and corrected by the client’s representative at the independent energy management firm, with support from SensorSuite energy performance team.

Project Summary

Project Cost

$28,040 (+HST)

Internal Grant


Net Cost


Project Scope

9 RTUs

Savings Period

Jan 2019 – Jan 2020

Cost Savings

$7,691 ($0.17/kWh & $0.26/m3 )

Projected Payback

2.5 years