Multi-Residential Building
March 19, 2021 in Case Studies

With SensorSuite’s BoilerLink solution, existing heating boilers can be retrofitted to allow monitoring and control at your fingertips through Apple, Android, and Windows devices.

SensorSuite’s BoilerLink can operate up to four boilers to maintain a target water temperature. Compatible with both condensing & non-condensing boilers that are either modulating, single stage or two stage to provide flexibility. The target temperature will be based on outdoor temperature reset. In addition, SmartPlugs will optimize system performance by providing in-suite temperature feedback. The utilization of BoilerLink will give the ability to reduce gas usage without compromising tenant comfort.

The Challenges

The primary source of space heating consists of hydronic radiators. The heating boiler temperature set point is controlled by property management/boiler technician. As a result, tenants do not have the ability to adjust the temperature and will typically open windows to regulate the ambient space temperature.

Project at a glance


Richmond Hill, Ontario

Building Description

Apartment building

32 Units

4 Storeys

Previous Conditions

Hydronic Radiators

Project Cost

$10,249.99 (+ HST)

Utility Incentive


Net Cost


Savings Period

Oct 2018 – Oct 2019

Cost Savings

$5,133 ($0.34/m3)

GHG Reduction

28.67 tonnes CO2e

Projected Payback

1.7 years


Linear Regression Analysis will be utilized to validate and determine energy savings for the BoilerLink solution. Due to fluctuating weather conditions, it poses a challenge to quantify energy use patterns through consulting data. However, with Heating Degree Days (HDD) a correlation factor can be calculated using historical local weather data to correct the weather variation. The regression model will allow prediction of energy required to maintain building temperature based on weather conditions. Once the baseline model is established, energy savings can be quantified from Energy Conservation Measures (ECM) after a measurement period such as one full heating season.


The energy savings of 15,097m3 of natural gas and cost savings of $5,133 have been achieved. BoilerLink control period began October 2018 through October 2019 and resulted in 24% reduction.