Towards a Truly Intelligent Grid: Evolving Demand Response
October 20, 2021 in In The News

In this PowerTalk “Towards a Truly Intelligent Grid: Evolving Demand Response”, Glen Spry of SensorSuite interviews David Saint-Germain the CTO of Hilo, a subsidiary of Hydro-Quebec and discuss the following topics: 

  • The importance of demand response as we electrify everything.
  • Does the digitization of the demand side open up new opportunities for utilities and customers alike?
  • Is it possible to successfully integrate the demand side into our utility control rooms? 


David Saint-Germain is the CTO of Hilo, a subsidiary of Hydro-Quebec building the virtual power plant and aggregation ecosystems for the province. Hilo integrates a wide range of residential and commercial IoT technologies to provide diversified energy control solutions to Hydro-Quebec. The company was founded 2 years ago and now counts 135 employees.

Glen Spry CEO and President at SensorSuite, Inc – A former energy utility executive with extensive knowledge of Asia Pacific, European, and North American energy markets, Glen is now applying his detailed knowledge of Distributed Energy Resource business models to accelerate the transition of our grid to a cleaner, greener, and more customer-centric environment.