SuiteHeat® v2 system to join a growing suite of building management cloud platforms
August 16, 2019 in In The News

Toronto, Ontario — SensorSuite® Inc. is excited to announce the launch of SuiteHeat® v2, their version 2 system addition to their cloud-based, digital building assistant platform. This powerful dashboard and wireless turnkey products make multifamily and commercial buildings more cost-effective, energy-efficient and more comfortable for residents. SensorSuite® is revolutionizing the property management industry through an easy-to-use digital dashboard. This dashboard is easily expandable to wirelessly support, visualize and control one to hundreds of buildings and suites with a smartphone, tablet, or PC.

The SensorSuite® system can alert building managers of water leaks, temperature changes, machine faults, and security risks such as when a door, garage or key area is opened.

“Our solutions are designed for the small to midsize property owners and managers”, says SensorSuite® CEO and Founder Robert Platek. “Our knowledgeable staff help customers adapt, scale and thrive in their property business. Our goal is to empower our customers to make informed decisions about their buildings to save time, energy and provide a comfortable environment for their tenants.”

SuiteHeat® v2 provides building managers with unprecedented control over how best to manage electric heat use. SensorSuite’s technology utilizes wireless, real-time data from the heating circuits in electric baseboard heaters, and regulates the temperature of the baseboard heaters to the building owner’s desired set point. SuiteHeat® customers have reported general savings of 20-30% of heating costs with SuiteHeat® investment payment of 2 to 4 years.

SuiteHeat® v2 introduces a powerful new feature called REM (Responsive Energy Management). The SensorSuite® cloud + REM uses outdoor weather, indoor building temperatures, runtimes, and other data points to automate and optimize the building to save maximum energy, especially during shoulder periods resulting in 70%+ reduction on heating load.

SensorSuite® Inc. is a real-time sensor intelligence platform that connects managers to their buildings and the machines within. We reduce operational risks and improve the performance and efficiency of machines. We are an energy management and cloud analytics platform that empowers building managers to make informed decisions about their buildings.