SensorSuite Provides Feedback to IESO on DER and DR Strategies and Opportunities
January 25, 2021 in In The News

On November 19, 2020, the IESO released their second white paper on the opportunities for expanded adoption of Demand Energy Resources (DERs) in Ontario.

In discussion with the IESO, it is apparent that there is a realization that DERs are going to happen, and it’s now about finding the best ways in managing and advancing adoption and integration.

SensorSuite is proud to have provided a response to the IESO white paper, and it is doing its part in enabling more cost-effective deployment of DR and DER opportunities, in addition to the effective advancement of key customer energy insights derived from approximately 12 billion data points per year in its current list of over 150 buildings.

SensorSuite is ready to submit pilot proposals with strategic partners in the coming months. If you’re interested in partnerships, please contact us at

Download our submission here: