What can 12 Billion data points per year across 16 building parameters of analytics do for your business?
October 19, 2021 in Industry News

SensorSuite is in the Energy space with a focus on data and analytics to drive competitive advantage and to allow Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) customers better ways to manage their building property asset portfolios.

With the data SensorSuite has collected over the years through its IOT cloud platform, SensorSuite has identified buildings within the multi residential high-rise market sector with specific energy performance metrics. This data is used by our clients to make informed decisions about where to apply capital to improve the energy performance of their buildings, to reduce operating utility costs, improve tenant comfort and to increase building asset valuations. The decisions include recommended energy and water measures retrofits to sealing, caulking and weather stripping the building envelope. With a key focus towards return on investment (ROI). 

SensorSuite’s IOT platform analytics helps our customers to report, analyze, predict and optimize their buildings utility performance.

Energy Benchmarking Data

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Mario P Iusi

EVP at SensorSuite Inc.