How IOT cloud technology helps mitigate the risk when your Building Operator leaves!
October 19, 2021 in Industry News

There are difficulties in maintaining building systems consistently once your building operators decide to leave and take years of building systems knowledge with them.

This leaves a major gap to fill for real estate service companies.

Understanding that this will happen often in managing and maintaining multiple facilities over time. Accepting this fact and choosing the right technology to extract operator building systems knowledge is in the building owners best interest. This action will not only improve the buildings asset value but it will provide comfort for your tenants by not disturbing them with the lack of consistent building services. 

It’s important to record the site-specific knowledge of the experienced operators who are operating your facilities today. This knowledge can be placed in an IOT dashboard platform that replicates the building systems in a visual way. Additional information can be captured and stored through sensor data on how individual systems are functioning and maintained.

The goal is to ensure that knowledge is not lost when operators leave and to create training modules on the “IOT Dashboard” for new operators, whether internal or outsourced resources. Training can also take place through the IOT cloud, no need to be located at the building site. 

With the collection of billions of data points to pull from, artificial intelligence can be used to apply best practices and determine when specific adjustments need to be made for assets to run at peak performance.

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Mario P Iusi

EVP at SensorSuite Inc.