Enabling Building Efficiency: How to effectively reduce operating costs
October 19, 2021 in Industry News


Utility bills for gas, electric and water can add up quickly at the best of times, but with increasing global economic uncertainty we Canadians are all looking to cut unnecessary costs this winter. 

What is the most cost-effective way to enable more efficiency in your building or facilities? Smart technology can make a significant difference when it comes to increasing efficiencies. 

Feasibility assessment

The first step in applying smarter systems is to undertake a feasibility assessment. This helps define existing building system needs, document building operations, identify inefficiencies in building system assets and create energy and water efficiency recommendations. These assessments can also include the life cycle and cost of building assets and a timeline for building asset replacements. 

Once utility efficiency recommendations are presented and approved by the building owner for implementation, utility savings can be harnessed with the assistance of smart systems and savings can be used to fund the cost of any needed retrofits. 

Smart solutions

Toronto, Ontario-based SensorSuite, an integrated solutions provider with a proven track record, has developed smart technology backed by professional building performance experts with over 30 years of exceptional building performance experience. To deliver a clearly predictable level of utility savings, SensorSuite’s “Best in Class” energy management practices are supported by a cloud-based platform with wireless controls.

SensorSuite’s smart software and access to robust data has paved the way for intelligent systems that provide building performance professionals and building owners with new insights and the means to manage the complexities of data. SensorSuite’s technological edge is delivered in the day-to-day management of building assets and processes through an effective utility management dashboard.

Capital creation

With the SensorSuite system, you can benefit from consistently reduced energy and water consumption operating costs, along with several added benefits of smart building technologies and financial techniques. This could include a capital creation strategy, no upfront capital outlay for the building owner with no capital at risk. SensorSuite can assist in this finance strategy to create a cash flow neutral structure that can be derived through the customer’s existing utilities budget.

There’s never been a better time to trade high utility bills for increased efficiency and a reliable return on investment.

Mario P Iusi

EVP at SensorSuite Inc.

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