March 15, 2021 in Brochures

BoilerLink is the industry leading system that allows you to be proactive instead of reactive.

Whether you’re managing a building with 20 suites or 200+ suites, BoilerLink+ has zone controls that provide flexibility to further improve how heat is distributed, when and where it’s needed. The wireless SmartPlug® program provides real-time in-suite temperature feedback for enhanced energy intelligence.

The SensorSuite BoilerLink controller is designed to control a variety of different boiler units and systems allowing existing heating boilers to be retrofitted to provide monitoring and control at your fingertips. The available control sequences are fully configurable remotely with SensorSuite’s powerful dashboard. BoilerLink uses PI (Proportional-Integral) control loops to optimize boiler management and offers a variety of functions such as outdoor reset for the supply water temperature or setpoint control, lead-lag sequence for pumps and boiler stages, optional valve and boiler modulation, safety limits and more.

In addition to BoilerLink, SmartPlugs will help optimize system performance by providing in- suite temperature feedback. The utilization of BoilerLink + SmartPlugs will provide the ability to reduce gas usage without compromising tenant comfort.