Affordable, scalable, Cloud based solution. Robust wireless sensors provide granular visibility into energy usage and deliver quick ROI, ensuring effective energy management and operational cost savings.

Meter Your Buildings at Every Level

SensorSuite device level energy data helps reduce energy in commercial and industrial buildings. Lower energy costs significantly by monitoring, managing and reporting on energy use across your building portfolio. SensorSuiteTM helps you improve operations and maximize efficiency across your entire operation, optimizing the key assets consuming energy - ranging from HVAC and elevators, to air handlers, lighting, servers and security systems.

Get Energy Data at Increasing Levels of Detail

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1. Total Building Energy Monitoring using Utility Pulse -

Use the wireless SensorSuite® S4 to capture pulse output data coming from any electrical, water, or gas meter

2. Wireless Revenue Grade Metering

Use our wireless MachineLink™ modbus module to communicate with your existing meters. Or we'll help you install new ones.

3-Phase Circuit Panel Metering

Use our EnMeter™ wireless 3 Phase sensor node in any circuit panel or on any electrical equipment or machinery

4. Simple Machine Status and Energy Consumption

Use our affordable SensorSuite® S4 to capture machine status and power consumption of any machine or circuit panel.

Manage Your Whole Portfolio from One Powerful Dashboard

Empowering Commercial Real Estate Managers With Real Time Energy Data

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Portfolio Management

View multiple properties in your building portfolio with one powerful mobile dashboard

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Compare your buildings with others in the same class

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Alert Generation

Programmable alert setpoints for every monitored circuit

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Progress Tracking

Evaluate effectiveness of your energy strategy

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Anomaly Detection

Identify unusual enery usage patterns of your machines within your facility

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Measurement and Verification

Accomplish your M&V goals and eliminate costly wage hours using humans to verify meters and savings

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Meet EnMeter™


Our Energy Monitoring Suite is a powerful intelligence platform that puts you in the driver's seat . Check your current energy usage in real-time, set goals and alerts, and monitor your progress.

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